Notary Services

Notary services are available at the following branches during business hours—no appointment necessary:

  • Essex
  • Owings Mills
  • White Marsh

How It Works

All full-time employees at branches offering notary services are trained notaries public and can witness the signing of legal documents such as wills, deeds or powers of attorney.

Notaries screen the signers of documents for their:

  • True identity
  • Willingness to sign without duress or intimidation
  • Awareness of the contents of the document or transaction

What to Bring

Customers must bring a valid, current photo ID, and all signers must be present at signing. No documents should be signed before visiting the branch.

The cost is $3 per signature, and payment can be made by cash, check, credit or Tap and Pay.

For more information, contact the branch directly.