Birth to Five

Get your child off to a smart start with our board books, picture books and early literacy programs and events. As a child's first teacher, parents and caregivers are key to building reading readiness in ages birth to age 5.

  • It's never too early to read to your baby. Try rhymes like "Mary Had a Little Lamb," a birthday card, a cereal box, even your tweets. The sounds children hear are what matter.
  • Introduce simple pictures and storybooks as your baby grows. Shapes, colors and sounds will delight. Try picture books for songs that you can sing together.
  • Change your voice for different characters in a book. Help your child learn the characters through your voice.
  • As you read, move your finger to show how the words move across the page.
  • Point out people and objects on the page. Ask your child questions like "Where is the cat hiding?" before or after you read the page.
  • Read the same book over and over—it helps children feel secure.
  • Visit the library often and let children select their own books.
  • Get your child their own library card.
  • Make a special time for reading aloud—after dinner, before bed, anytime. Talk calmly and take your time. Let your child know this is important to you.
  • Let your children see you reading and talk about what you read. They want to imitate you.

New Children's Titles


Baby Boosters Kits

Get your child ready to read with these collections of books and resources specially created for use by parents and babies.

Each kit comes in an easy-to-carry backpack and contains eight children's board books on an early learning theme plus a parent resource book and a music CD or DVD.

You can request a specific kit at any branch’s Service Desk or by browsing the themes below.

  • All About Me: These self-concept books help a child learn body parts and develop motor skills.
  • Alphabet Antics: Letters dance across the pages and even climb trees in this kit promoting early alphabet awareness.
  • Baby Animals: These books let children explore a variety of animal babies such as pets, ocean animals and wild animals.
  • Baby Signs: Learning simple signs can help babies communicate their wants and needs. Use this kit to teach your baby signs for everyday activities, objects and even to sing a song.
  • Colors: This kit helps young children explore the wonderful world of colors and includes high contrast books that are just right for infants still learning to focus their eyes.
  • Concepts: Children explore opposites, shapes, senses and other simple concepts.
  • Counting Fun: Learning to count is fun with lively stories featuring a variety of favorite animals.
  • Dinosaurs: Read about some friendly dinosaurs and all the things they do just like you.
  • Es Hora de Espanol!: Favorite stories presented in both Spanish and English.
  • Exploring My Community: Learn about familiar people, places and things in our communities.
  • Feelings: Children discover and find names for their emotions. Includes simple books with colorful photographs of baby faces—just right for the youngest child.
  • Going Green: Read about simple things we can do to help our environment.
  • Healthy Me: Read about taking care of our bodies and going to the doctor.
  • Hide and Seek Animals: Young children love to play peek-a-boo, and they’ll love these lift-the-flap books and other fun stories about animals.
  • I Like to Eat: These stories teach young children about family relationships and fun things they can do with their families. It also features touch-and-feel books that help them learn about objects they see and use every day.
  • It's a Small World: Read fun stories about something familiar to!
  • Me and My Family: Read about people, places and animals around the world.
  • Nighty Night: Going to bed can sometimes be scary for young children, but it’s easier with these books about settling down for the night. We’ve also included a book on getting your child to sleep so that parents get a good night’s rest, too.
  • On the Farm: Children will learn about farm animals as they oink, moo and quack along with these stories.
  • Rhyming Fun: Rhymes and finger plays teach young children fine motor and early literacy skills, but to young children it’s just plain fun.
  • Sing a Song: The stories in this kit feature classic children’s songs brought to life in colorful picture books just right for cuddling up and singing together.
  • Splish, Splash: This kit introduces children to the watery world around them.
  • Things That Go: Read about boats, cars, planes, trucks and trains...and traveling with children.

Board Books for Babies

Bright, interactive board books are a great way to start reading to your child with. Choose from touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap, stories in rhyme and more. Browse our collection.

Read-Along Kits

Designed for the child just learning to read, each Read-Along Kit contains a CD and a print copy of the book. From Curious George to Coco, choose from hundreds of classic and new titles.

Programs and Events

Children love coming to the library. Being with other babies and toddlers improves their social skills. And exposure to books and read-alouds increases comprehension, attention span and early language development.

Find a program or event today and have fun watching your child learn, laugh and grow.

Story Time

Play time is learn time. Bring your child to a Story Time event to hear simple stories and play word games that teach pre-reading skills. You can repeat the stories, nursery rhymes, finger plays and songs shared at these events again and again to a child's delight.


Storyville is an interactive early literacy learning center designed for children ages birth to 5 and their caregivers. Plan your visit now.