Home Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide

This home Wi-Fi device (router) is intended for adult library customers living in Baltimore County who do not have access to equipment or services sufficient to access the internet. The device can be borrowed for three months with an option to renew for another three months with an adult library card in good standing. Included in the box are the:

  • Inseego 5G Wavemaker FX2000 LTE Wi-Fi router
  • Power adapter


Baltimore County Public Library manages this device and is not responsible for the access or transmission of files, data or personal information while using it. By borrowing this device, you agree to not use it for any illegal activities. Replacements are not provided for lost or stolen devices.

Instructions for Use

Helpful Tip: When asked if you want your computer to be discoverable by other devices on the network, select No for additional security.

  1. Power on. Set up the device near an exterior wall, connect the included power adapter to the back of the T-Mobile home router and plug the other end into a nearby power outlet.
    When plugged in, the device turns on automatically. It may take a few minutes to connect to the wireless network and become fully operational.

  2. Connect to Wi-Fi. Chromebooks provided through this program automatically connect to this Wi-Fi device and branch Wi-Fi networks when near or in BCPL branch locations. The router has been pre-configured with a Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password on a sticker located on the back of the device. The label will look like the sample below:

    Property of Baltimore County Public Library
    PTN: 123456789
    PW: BCPL####

    If you are using your own device:

    1. Select the network or globe icon in the bottom right of your computer screen (in the taskbar). If you don’t see these icons, select the up arrow or the time, and see if these icons appear.
    2. Choose the SSID of the device you set up previously. Select Connect.
    3. Type the network password (BCPL####), then select Next or Connect.

  3. Log in. If using a library-borrowed Chromebook, select one of the following options to log in and access a web browser:

    • BCPL Managed Guest Session—No username or password necessary.
    • Guest Session—No username or password necessary.
    • Add Person—Log in with your own Google account.

Technical Support

Support is not provided for download speeds, as those vary by location.

Contact Us for Router Assistance

If you need help using your T-Mobile Home Wi-Fi Router, email longtermloans@bcpl.net or text 410-680-3426.

Schedule an Appointment for Internet Assistance

For help with accessing the internet, set up an appointment with a librarian:

Additional Information

Assistance may be available for households struggling to afford internet service. If you need assistance getting permanent Internet access, complete the MyLibrarian Appointment interest form to get help with applying for the with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Funding for this program was made possible in partnership with Baltimore County Government and the Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library with a grant from Baltimore County COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.