Print, Copy and Fax


Color or black-and-white printouts, on standard-sized 8.5-by-11-inch paper, can be made from any branch public computer or personal device connected to the library's wireless network. Print jobs are sent to a central computer printout station where payment is handled before being printed. To print from your device on the library’s wireless network, log in or sign up for wireless printing service.

Cost for prints:

  • 15 cents per page for black-and-white copies
  • 30 cents per page for color



Photocopies can be made on public copy machines at any branch. Letter size (8.5-by-11 inch) or legal size (8.5-by-14 inch) paper is available. Double-sided copies count as two pages.   

Cost for photocopies:   

  • 15 cents per page for black-and-white
  • 30 cents per page for color


Faxes can be sent from the public copier at all branches. Visit the service desk for assistance.

Fax Fees

Local calling area* or toll-free numbers $1 per page (including cover sheet)
Long-distance numbers$4 for first page, $1 per additional page

*Local area codes are 410, 443, and 667.

We do not offer international faxing.


Documents can be scanned using branch copy machines and saved to a USB flash drive. Flash drives may be purchased at the Service Desk.

Documents may also be printed from a USB flash drive by signing up for a public computer and sending the printout to the branch print station or kiosk.