Borrowing from Other Libraries

Having trouble finding what you need? Search other public libraries for materials that aren't available in our collection and have them sent through interlibrary loan to your branch for checkout.

Start with Marina, which searches other Maryland libraries and has no fee for borrowing. If you’re still unable to find what you’re looking for, then try searching OCLC World Cat.


Use your library card and this free service to request materials from other public libraries in Maryland.

  • No fee
  • Most requests are filled within two weeks
  • You will be notified when a requested item is available at your designated pickup location
  • Materials may be renewed two times

To search Marina and request a title:

  1. Go to Marina.
  2. Log in with your library card number.
  3. Enter search terms in the search field and press Enter.
  4. Select the title you want to request from the results. View the list of owning libraries to find a copy that is Requestable.
  5. Select a pickup branch and click Request.

You will receive a Request Number confirmation and may also receive a phone call or email confirming receipt of the request.

Once the item has been delivered to the pickup location, you will receive an email notifying you that it is ready for pickup on the hold shelf at your designated pickup location. You have seven days to pick up the item.

To check the status of a Marina request:

  1. Log in to Marina
  2. Select My Account at the top of the Marina screen to view a list of requests made
  3. Click on a request number to check the status, which will be listed as one of the following:
    • Submitted: Your request has been received but no action has been taken
    • In Process: The owning library is processing your request
    • Shipped: The item has been sent but has not yet reached the library
    • On Loan: The item is available for pickup
    • Complete: The item has been returned to the loaning library
    • Unfilled: The item is unavailable through Marina
  4. Close the status window to return to the search and request screen

To cancel a Marina request or if you have not received a pickup notification after two weeks from the request date, contact any branch Service Desk in person or by phone or email Ask Customer Support Services.

OCLC World Cat

No luck searching Marina? Search OCLC World Cat for materials from other participating public and academic libraries across the United States.

  • Each item acquired through OCLC loan is subject to a $5 request fee plus any additional costs charged by the lending library.
  • Our Interlibrary Loan staff will contact customers before submitting any request with a lending fee over $10.
  • Most requests are filled within two weeks but may take up to six weeks to arrive, depending on the response time and shipping mode of the lending library.
  • The usual loan period is 21 days, but the length of the loan period is determined by the lending library.
  • Items cannot be renewed.

To find materials not available through Baltimore County Public Library or Marina:

  1. Go to OCLC WorldCat catalog.
  2. Enter a search term and locate the item you wish to request.
  3. Select Cite/Export, Email, Share or Permalink in the upper right of the page to capture the bibliographic record. This record contains information that our librarians will need to make the request for you.
  4. Contact any branch Service Desk or email your branch to request the material. Branch staff will submit an online request to OCLC on your behalf. Self-serve online requests are not available.

You will be notified:

  • When a requested item is received at your designated pickup location and is placed on the branch’s hold shelf
  • If the library is unable to fill your request

To cancel an OCLC request or to check the status of a request made more than two weeks ago, contact any branch Service Desk in person or by phone or email your branch.