Keep Busy and Safe During School Closures

March 16, 2020 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Schools and businesses throughout the country have closed to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and families are facing an unscheduled—and unprecedented—amount of time at home. The following resources may prove helpful in keeping kids happy, busy and learning during the day while schools are temporarily closed.

Articles on Activities and Planning 

If you or someone you know depends on free or reduced meals at school, Baltimore-area school districts, governments and nonprofits will supply free meals to students in need while schools are closed.

Fun Suggestions from the Library

Try some of these fun suggestions from our Youth and Family Engagement Team:

  • Have fun with your family reading and completing activities.
  • Make cleaning a game.
  • Watch a new unique movie on Kanopy Kids.
  • Read an e-book together.
  • Learn a new language together on Mango Languages.
  • Bake or cook together—Try making something simple the kids can take the lead on like deviled eggs or sandwiches.
  • Have a cooking contest—Give everyone 30 minutes to make whatever they can using food in the pantry or fridge. Give each entry a prize for what makes it unique.
  • Dress up—Have a runway challenge! Give a category (fancy, sports, comfy, etc), send everyone to their rooms to put together an outfit, then have a runway to show off your outfits.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Play "try not to sing"—Choose a song that one person can't sing, but everyone else can. That person has to try not to sing along or they're out! To make it a challenge, choose that person's favorite song. 
  • Try new exercises as a family, like yoga.
  • Build a fort with all the blankets and pillows in your house.
  • Write new words to your favorite song.
  • Write a play, perform it and film it.
  • Have an art contest. Give an award to each entry for what makes it unique.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope everyone in the community is safe and secure.

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