Baking Bread Is On the Rise

May 22, 2020 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Bread is a staple across many cultures. For centuries, it has had a fundamental place on our tables. Civilizations have sprung up around the process of bread making, from growing the wheat to milling the grains to baking the loaves. The term bread is sometimes used synonymously with food, as in the adage “putting bread on the table.” More recently the term has evolved to a symbol for money, as in, “let’s get this bread.” No matter how the word is used, we cannot deny that bread is as foundational to our societies as it is to our meals. Bread symbolizes our communion with both food and each other. It’s no surprise then, as people hunker down at home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that bread baking is suddenly on the rise.

Baking bread gives us more than a hobby to whittle away at the extra time many of us suddenly find ourselves facing, it is also a symbol of community, a small reminder of what connects us in this period of isolation. You may have seen pictures of freshly baked loaves posted to your friends’ social media accounts. Maybe your families are sharing recipes. Perhaps your local grocery store is short on supply of your favorite breads and you’re hoping to supplement. In any event, if you’ve been bit by the bread baking bug, you’re in the right place.

Cooking eBooks

Whether you’re a bread baking novice or a seasoned veteran of the art, we have you covered. Browse our robust collection of cooking ebooks on OverDrive and cloudLibrary. You’ll find topics ranging from beginner bread making basics to advanced sourdough techniques—there’s even a book that covers capturing local yeasts! 

Entry Level Cookbooks

Just getting started? Try out these entry level cookbooks to brush up on the bread baking fundamentals.


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