Heather's Favorite Virtual Tours

June 23, 2020 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Tours of ancient places, a peek at French royalty or an architectural journey. It’s yours for the choosing when you visit one of the many virtual museum and cultural sites made increasingly popular during the pandemic. No one is suggesting the Great Pyramid of Giza is as awe-inspiring on screen as in person, but visiting one of the sites on the list below created by Hereford librarian and artist Heather Boaz may be just the ticket while you’re waiting to visit the real thing.  

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Enjoy the Adventure

Art Camera—This feature of Google’s Arts and Culture app allows viewers to zoom into paintings.  

The British Museum’s Museum of the World—Not an immersive virtual tour per se, but it provides an interactive approach to understanding different arts and artifacts from various cultures. Select specific topics you are interested in, such art and design.  

Immersed in Wonderland NYC—This exhibit, created by the spatial data company Matterport, is an Alice in Wonderland-themed immersive experience. 

The Louvre—Virtual tours are organized thematically, such as Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader. 

The Royal Academy Sensing Spaces—A view of contemporary art and architecture.  

29 Rooms—An immersive experience, 29 Rooms brings together artists to create installations, performances and activities to inspire visitors. 

Versailles: The Palace is Yours—A private virtual tour of the former home of French royalty. This collection has multiple ways to interact, including virtual tours and VR experiences. 

Spend Time with an Ancient Ruin  

American Research Center in Egypt—Take a tour of conservation projects from around the world, including the Tomb of Menna in the Theban Necropolis.  

Lascaux Caves—Situated in southwestern France, Lascaux Cave contains more than 6,000 wall paintings of animals, human figures and abstract signs. With some of the earliest art made, it represents the first glimmers of creativity.  

Stonehenge—Created about 5,000 years ago in England, it is possibly the world’s most famous prehistoric monument. 

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