What Collection Development is Reading in March

March 05, 2019 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Looking for a great book for a teen? Here are two totally different novels with wide appeal.

Cover of the novel The Music of What Happens

"The Music of What Happens" by Bill Konigsberg
Max, a Latino baseball player, and Jordan, a skinny white kid, each have single moms. And given that it’s 2019, they’re both proudly out as gay young men in their suburban Arizona high school. Max needs a summer job and Jordan needs help on his dilapidated food truck, and these two opposites quickly attract. The author deftly captures both the heat of the desert summer and the ups and downs of a 21st century relationship in this exceptional novel that is equal measures a nascent romance and a musing on finding one’s identity.—Todd

Cover of the novel Dry

"Dry" by Neal Shusterman
In this near dystopian novel for teens, California’s drought has finally intensified to the point where running water has literally gone dry. Without a source of drinkable liquids, Kelton, his neighbor Alyssa and her little brother go on the run to a survival cabin owned by Kelton’s family. They pick up a few other teenagers on the way, who both help them and put them in further danger. The searing and scary realism in this book will make you literally thirsty.—Jamie

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