What Collection Development is Reading in April

April 10, 2019 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Missed these titles the first time around? Now's your chance to enjoy these wonderful older books.

Cover of the novel The Zookeepers Wife

"The Zookeeper’s Wife" by Diane Ackerman
In this true story, Jan and Antonina Zabinski turned the loss of the animals in their zoo into an opportunity to save over 300 refugees in Poland during World War II. They were always on guard against the possible dangers and had to change course several times to keep from being discovered. Jan and Antonina also used their special talents to make this possible. Jan was able to project a confidence so that people backed off when questioning him and Antonina's calm and reassuring manner with animals also worked in calming humans. Interspersed in the chaos, fear and death, were rare moments of tranquility and beauty that were reminders of what they were fighting for.—Kristen

Cover of the novel Slade House

"Slade House" by David Mitchell
Equal parts spooky and supernatural, this weird, little haunted house story is as perfect for the horror movie enthusiast as the science fiction reader. Every nine years, a "house" appears in a crowded alley way in London and entices someone inside using their greatest desire. Once inside, they’re drawn deeper into the house until reaching the attic, where their souls are eaten by the house’s inhabitants. As each story builds on the one before, more plot unfolds and the art gallery on the attic steps gets another portrait.—Jamie

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