September #BWELLREAD with Deborah Weiner

September 06, 2019 | By Baltimore County Public Library

WBAL-TV news anchor and I-Team reporter Deborah Weiner selected "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison as her #BWELLREAD selection for September.

About Deborah’s Choice

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Set in the author's girlhood hometown of Lorain, Ohio, "The Bluest Eye" tells the story of African American, 11-year-old Pecola Breedlove. Pecola prays for her eyes to turn blue so that she will be as beautiful and beloved as all the blond, blue-eyed children in America. In the autumn of 1941, the year the marigolds in the Breedloves' garden do not bloom, Pecola's life does change—in painful, devastating ways.

Deborah says, "'The Bluest Eye' was published when I was just a little girl playing with dolls, with long blond hair and blue eyes, and surely believing that combination was the only way a woman could achieve beauty.

In Toni Morrison’s first novel, the 11-year-old main character, Pecola Breedlove, wishes for blue eyes—convinced it is the only way for society to see her as beautiful. It is a heartbreaking obsession of hers, an African American girl dealing with a number of painful issues in her life. Those issues have caused some to either challenge this book or try to ban it from the classroom. What a shame, I see this as a must read. 

As a blue-eyed girl myself, this book had a profound impact on me, and impacted my views of race and the aesthetic of loveliness. Since I first read it, I have kept it close to me, physically and spiritually.”

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