What Collection Development Is Reading in October

October 09, 2018 | By Baltimore County Public Library

Thrillers and romances! Romantic thrillers and thrilling romances! One of these might be the heart-stopping read for you.

Cover of the novel Lies

"Lies" by T.M. Logan 

The debut thriller that asks: What if you had the perfect wife? And the perfect life? And then you discovered it was all lies. Who can you trust?  

On a routine drive home from work and picking up his young son, Joe by chance sees his wife’s car on the road up ahead. They decide to follow and surprise her, and what Joe sees will change everything. —Jackie

Cover of the novel The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo

"The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo" by Kerrigan Byrne

Although vastly different than its namesake, if you enjoyed reading about the deeply hurt soul of Lisbeth Salander, you may want to consider trying a different genre.

This historical romance follows the story of Lorelai Weatherstoke, a young girl with a permanent limp, and Ash, a boy with no memory of his past. Lorelai finds Ash beaten and broken under a tree, and insists on rescuing him and nursing him back to health.

Fast forward 20 years when Lorelai’s abusive brother Mortimer has gambled away the family estate and her hand in marriage. As she pulls up to the arranged wedding ceremony, a man kills her brother and whisks her away. That man is Ash, now known as the mysterious and dangerous pirate The Rook. Intrigue, love and lust follow. —Laura

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