What Collection Development is Reading in November

November 06, 2018 | By Baltimore County Public Library

The best nonfiction can help you look at the familiar in a different light. Here are two recent titles that do just that. 

Cover of the novel Big Game

"Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times" by Mark Leibovich

Journalist Leibovich observes and reports about the coaches, owners, and Commissioner Goodell as they deal with the many recent scandals and problems faced by the league in recent years. His insights are snarky and hilarious, with witty one-liners that will make you laugh out loud. The audio version is superbly narrated by Joe Barrett. It is an entertaining and quick read (or listen) that might make you realize there’s a whole lot more to the NFL than meets the eye. —Lynn

Cover of the novel Tough Cases

"Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They've Ever Made" edited by Russell F. Canan, Gregory E. Mize and Frederick H. Weisberg

Have you ever wondered how judges made their rulings in some of the most publicized cases in our country? Do you love to watch "Law and Order," read legal fiction or true crime nonfiction?  Then this may be just the book for you.

Judges from a variety of courts throughout the country write about the cases that were the hardest for them to decide. Some of these cases received international attention: the Elián González case that determined whether to return a 7-year-old boy to his father in Cuba and the Terri Schiavo case that decided whether to withdraw life support from a woman in a vegetative state over the wishes of her parents. Other cases are less well-known but just as fascinating. 

"Tough Cases" provides both an unprecedented view from behind the bench and a snapshot of our country during the time when these cases were decided.  —Keely

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