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Model Behavior

posted by: August 30, 2017 - 7:00am

Cover Art for Bored and Brilliant Manoush Zomorodi, host of the popular Note to Self podcast, started an experiment back in 2015 to get her listeners to disconnect. The fascinating result is her debut book Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive & Creative Self. As our society finds itself further and further engaged in its devices, the author came to a realization. So caught in the slipstream of the now, we no longer have or take the time to create or invent, and a lack of learning from our pasts and planning for our futures. Her six-step plan to connect with each other, rather than with our phones, tablets, etc., may require some readers to adjust, but it is largely feasible. Who knew that boredom would become a virtue?

Meanwhile, acclaimed neuroscientist Gregory Berns has taken on a longstanding issue that generations have Cover Art for What It's Like to be a Dog wanted to understand. In his book What It's Like to Be a Dog, Berns unlocks some of the clues to animal behavior, including self-control, their value systems and their actual understanding of human speech. In order to decode how our canine cousins think, the author taught dogs to go into an MRI scanner completely awake. Just like people, these brain scans showed that dogs are individuals, with various capacities, strengths and weaknesses. Berns continues his studies with looks at other animals as well, including sea lions and dolphins. Fascinating and groundbreaking, this is a book that gives us new insight about our animal companions and our relationships with them.


Revised: August 30, 2017