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Playaway Lock



Search Catalog Banner BCPL has Playaway Locks for customers to check out. Playaway Locks are eReaders, pre-loaded with up to 15 ebook titles that have a common theme or genre.


They are front-lit and can be read in sunlight with no screen glare.


No Internet connection is needed to read ebooks on the Playaway Lock and the devices are not able to download content or access the internet.





Borrowing Policies

  • Loan Period: Borrow for 21 days

  • Checkout Fee: Free

  • Checkout Limit: One per customer

  • Overdue Fees: $1 per day with maximum late fee of $12

  • Renewals: Up to two renewals, if no holds are pending

  • Holds: Holds can be requested through the catalog and you will be notified when the device arrives at your branch. Holds are canceled if they are not picked up within seven days of notification

  • Returns: Locks can be returned to any branch but they must be returned to a library staff member at a service desk: They cannot be returned through a book drop.

  • Replacement Costs: There are various components included with a Playaway Lock and the replacement costs are:

    • Charger: $20

    • Device: $179

    • Sleeve: $17

    • All (device, charger, sleeve): $216


Revised: April 4, 2017