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Check out titles from OverDrive (also called "Maryland Digital eLibrary") by logging into your library account and searching for OverDrive titles in the library's catalog. Click on the appropriate device type below for specific instructions on how to get eBooks from OverDrive for that device. 


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OverDrive's new Libby app is the easiest way to get started with digital books and audiobooks from Baltimore County Public Library. Libby is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10. Find out more and get the app now....


The Classic OverDrive App is Available for the Following Devices

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Connect to OverDriveYou can browse the collection, log into your OverDrive account and check out titles from the OverDrive website. You can also download and use the OverDrive software on Windows or Macs to access content on your desktop.






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Borrowing Policies

The borrowing policies and limits for ebooks and audiobooks are different than those used for the library's standard collection. Below are some of the most important distinctions.

  1. Borrowing Limit - Up to 6 titles can be checked out at a time. The titles can be any combination of ebooks and audiobooks.
  2. Loan Period - Titles can be checked out for 7, 14 or 21 days. The default loan period is 14 days. Before checking out, you can choose a loan period of 7, 14 or 21 days. To find the loan period settings, log into OverDrive then click Account > Settings.
  3. Hold Limit - Up to 6 holds may be placed at a time.
  4. Email Notification for Holds - Hold notices will be sent to the email you enter when you place the hold. If you have more than one email account be sure to remember which one you used to place you hold with and check it often. Once the email notice has been sent you will have 3 days to retrieve holds.
  5. Hold Period - You have 3 days (72 hours) after time and date stamp on the email hold notification to retrieve your holds. If you do not retrieve your hold within 3 days after the hold notice is sent to you then the hold will expire.
  6. Returning Titles -
    • No need to return titles; they will expire at the end of the loan period.

    • If you want to return EPUB or PDF eBooks or mp3 audiobooks before they expire you may do so using Adobe Digital Editions or from within the mobile app.

    • You can also return EPUB, PDF and mp3 titles from within your library account.

    • Kindle eBooks can only be returned early from within your Amazon account, in the Manage Your Content and Devices section.

    • Open EPUB and Open PDF titles cannot be returned early.

  7. Renewals - Can renew a title if nobody else is on the holds list for that title. When a title is available for renewal, the Renew button will appear next to titles on your Bookshelf three (3) days before your loan is set to expire.
  8. New Library Cards - Holds and check outs of OverDrive titles do not transfer when a card is replaced or when an online registration (PACreg) is converted to a regular card. Please fill out the Support Request form so we can contact OverDrive to update your account with them. Please include your new and old library card numbers on the form.


Revised: March 13, 2018