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Jobs and Careers: Computer Classes and Online Computer Tutorials

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Local Computer Classes




  • Baltimore County Department of Aging Senior Centers
    Some senior centers hold computer classes for county residents age 60 and older.

  • Baltimore County Department of Social Services' Young Parent Support Center
    A comprehensive family support and development center that strives to guide families towards economic independence. Offers introductory and intermediate computer workshops.

  • Baltimore County Office of Workforce Development
    Everything you need to look for a job and to develop new skills is at your fingertips when you visit a Workforce Development Center at Eastpoint in Essex, at Hunt Valley or at the Liberty Center in Randallstown. Learn basic computer skills, keyboarding, introductory Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

  • Blind Industries and Services of Maryland
    Using state-of-the-art adaptive technologies for the blind, provides job-related computer training on applications used in the business world. Classes range from one to fifteen weeks, depending on the focus of each class. Available to Maryland residents who are blind or visually impaired and age 18 or older.

  • LINC
    Learning Independence Through Computers (LINC) is a computer resource center where children and adults with a variety of disabilities learn to gain independence through the use of computers. Membership required.


 Using a Computer and a Mouse


  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Using Your Computer
    by BBC
    Covers basic parts of the computer, how to sit and hold and use a mouse

  • BBC WebWise Online Courses
    Interactive tutorial on how to use a mouse and the keyboard and how to find your way around the computer screen. A little longer than other tutorials, but you can close out, re-enter, and pick up where you left off.

  • New User Tutorial
    by The Library Network
    Designed to help people who have never used a computer before. Concentrates on using the mouse and a few other basic skills

  • Keyboard and Mouse Basics
    from Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, New York
    Learn to use a mouse to select and to influence what appears on your computer screen

  • Learn to Use the Mouse: The Basic Computer Skill
    by Green River Community College
    Practice using a mouse

  • Mouse Aerobics
    from Monroe County Library System, Michigan
    Explains how to click through pages, use check boxes and drop down menus, scroll up and down pages, and highlight text

  • Mousercise
    from the Central Kansas Library System
    You can use the Mousercise tutorial to practice.

  • Mousing Around
    from the Palm Beach County Library System
    Offers a tutorial for beginners on using a mouse, practice "mousercise" exercises, and games for more practice. The tutorial is also available in Español.

  • Tutorial del Mouse y el Teclado
    de la Biblioteca de la Ciudad de Mesa

 Using the Keyboard


  • Goodtyping
    by goodtyping.com
    A series of free typing lessons and a typing speed test. Free registration is required to save your lessons. Also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese

  • Keyboard Lessons
    by typeonline.co.uk
    Basic typing lessons, keyboarding exercises, and speed tests

  • Keyboard Shortcut Basics
    by Compukiss.com
    "Computer keyboards also have additional keys. Learning to use these unique keys and special functions of the computer keyboard can save you time and make you more comfortable with your computer."

  • Mr. Kent's Typing Tests and Typing Tutor
    by Mr.Kent.com
    Allows you to select skill level and timings of 0 to 5 minutes for free typing lessons. Also has practice tests

  • PowerTyping
    by PowerTyping.com
    Includes free typing tutor, typing tests, and typing games

  • Timed Typing Test
    by Free-Typing-Test.com
    Select a 1, 2, or 3 minute test from 4 different texts of varying levels of difficultY

  • Tutorial on Keyboard Shortcuts
    by Internet4Classrooms.com
    Learn how to use the Function or F keys, Control or Ctrl key, and Alt key

  • Typing Lessons
    from Sense-Lang.org
    Free touch typing lessons, typing games, and a test to check your speed and accuracy. Available in other languages

  • Typing Tests, Practice and Games
    by Zoom-Type

  • TypingWeb
    by FTW Innovations, Inc
    A free typing and keyboarding tutorial to help people improve their typing skills. Intermediate and advanced speed and accuracy drills provided.

  • Typing Test.com
    Test your typing for speed and accuracy

 Introducing the Internet


  • Computer Training
    by GCFLearnFree.org and the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.
    Learn the basics about the parts of computers and how to use them, and about the Internet. Users may need to create a free account. Available in Español

  • The Internet Owner's Manual
    from LearntheNet.com
    Grasp the basic information about connecting to the Internet, what is a browser, how to use email, how to use online tools to search the Internet, download files and software, how to do online shopping, and protect yourself when online. Available in Español and Français

  • Internet Tutorials
    from University at Albany Libraries
    For people interested in learning about the Internet and especially the World Wide Web: what it is, how to search it, and how to use it as a research tool. Offers introductions to search engines and how to choose and use one, RSS, plugins, media players, and more

  • net.TUTOR
    by The Ohio State University Libraries
    Basics about the Web, web browsers, email, search tools, social networks, searching for information, and evaluating what you find

  • Search Tool Chart
    by the Infopeople Project
    Chart of the best features of several search engines and guides and tips on improving your search


 Microsoft Office Software Online Tutorials


  • brainfuse online tutorial service buttonBrainfuse's Microsoft Office Help
    Connect with online tutorials or a live expert to learn MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint through Brainfuse’s Adult Learning Center. A free service offered by Baltimore County Public Library. Click on the button below. All you need is a valid library card registered at the Baltimore County Public Library.

  • Word Processing Using Microsoft Wordpad [PDF]
    from the University of Bristol
    Excellent for beginners who need to create a simple letter or document. "WordPad is a word processing package that is included with any Windows operating system. It has basic standard and formatting commands similar to the Microsoft Office Word packages, and is therefore a good introduction to word processing."

  • Computer Training
    by GCFLearnFree.org and the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc
    Learn to use Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2000, 2002 XP, 2003 and 2007, Office 2000, 2002 XP and 2003, Outlook 2003 and Publisher 2003. Users will need to create a free account. Users may need to create a free account. Available in Español.

  • In Pictures: Online Computer Tutorials
    Free online introductory tutorials based on pictures, not words, for Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, and Word 2007.

  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2007 and 2010
    by free-training-tutorial.com
    A very good interactive tutorial using short videos to demonstrate the basics on how to format text in Microsoft Word and format and edit cells, do calculations, and make charts using Excel.

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2010 Course
    by Home and Learn
    A comprehensive tutorial by a British company that covers Excel basics as well as a more advanced topics such as conditional logic, functions, tables, and charts.

  • Microsoft 2007 Office Tutorials
    by Lynchburg College
    Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point and Publisher introductory tutorials, including videos

  • Microsoft Office Online Training
    Browse the different Office training courses offered by Microsoft. Each course includes written as well as audio instructions. Learn about security basics in Microsoft Office programs and what you can do to protect your computer and documents, as well as how to make the most of the many features of each product.

  • Office Skills Training
    by officeskills.org
    Links to free tutorials to learn the basics of 2003, 2007 and 2010 Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and 2010 Outlook

  • Online Tutorials
    from Baycon Group, Inc.
    Free Excel 2007, Power Point 2007, and Word 2007 help

 Emailing and Instant Messaging Basics


  • Top 16 Free Email Services
    by About.com

  • Free Email Address Directory
    by EmailAddresses.com
    Commercial site listing free and for-fee email services. Has information on how to search for the email addresses of friends and family, advice on using email, protecting yourself from spam, and more. This site also lists free Internet service providers, fax-to-email, and other services.

  • Free Email Services in Other Languages
    from EmailAddresses.com
    Commercial site listing free email services in languages other than English

  • Choosing an Instant Messenger
    from BigBlueBall.com
    What is Instant Messaging? How do you set up a free account? List of the latest major I M and Mobile I M programs with links to the official sites where you can download their services.

  • Email Basics
    from About.com
    Explains the ins-and-outs of setting up and using an email account. Brief information on Instant Messaging and RSS News Feeds.

  • Email Basics
    by GCFLearnFree.org and the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc
    Learn how to send, reply, forward, attach documents or photos, and manage your email. Users may need to create a free account. Available in Spanish.

  • E-mail Etiquette
    by I Will Follow.com
    More advice on writing email messages and preventing embarrassment

  • Email Etiquette
    by Emailreplies.com
    The main etiquette rules and advice on how to use them

  • Harness E-Mail
    Learn The Net.com
    A tutorial on how e-mail works, the use of e-mail addresses, how to send messages, attach documents or photos, open attachments, and the etiquette of e-mail.

  • How Do I Open an Email Account?
    prepared by the Public Computer Center of Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland
    This How-to Guide answers the question and explains what you will need to do, step-by-step to getting a free account from 3 popular sites, Windows Live (formerly called Hotmail), Yahoo.com, and Google's GMail. If you need more assistance setting up an email account, please ask at the Information Desk of your nearest Baltimore County Public Library. 

  • Strong Passwords: How to Create and Use Them
    from Microsoft.com
    They are so necessary to access any personal information that you've stored on your computer and for any online accounts you've set up. If criminals or other malicious users steal this information, they can use your name to open new credit card accounts, apply for a mortgage, or pose as you in online transactions. Here's how to create a password and protect it.

  • Using Email Safely
    by Indiana University Information Technology Services
    "Anytime you send or receive communications on the Internet, there are opportunities for individuals to intercept your communications to obtain your email address." Secure your computer and protect your personal information.