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Statistical Profiles


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ArrowRegional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland
      Non-profit association created for manufacturers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Features a social media tool that allows members to post questions, solutions, and events.


ArrowGlobal Presence

  • Amtote in Hunt Valley is the world’s largest manufacturer of parimutuel wagering systems for the horse racing industry.
  • BD Bioscience’s Baltimore County manufacturing center is the Fortune 200 company’s largest in the world. In Baltimore, the bioscience company manufactures diagnostic testing systems, glassware for biological testing and dehydrated culture media used by every pharmaceutical company in the world
  • M/A-COM in Hunt Valley is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of microwave surveillance equipment.
  • McCormick in Hunt Valley and Loveton is the world’s largest producer of food flavorings and spices.
  • MRAS (Middle River Aircraft Systems) is the one of the world’s leading suppliers of jet engine thrust reversers, supplying commercial and military aircraft technology to major manufacturers including Boeing and Lockheed Martin.
  • Lockheed Martin Launching Systems, located on the site of the former Glenn L. Martin plant in Middle River overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, designs and builds surface missile launchers for ten navies around the world.
  • The Wine Advocate, an internationally recognized wine magazine edited by Robert Parker, is published in Parkton.
  • Towson-headquartered Black & Decker is the world’s largest manufacturer of power tools.
  • Wilkins-Rogers in Oella and Arbutus is the world leader in milling coatings for poultry. (e.g. Kentucky Fried Chicken breading)







Arrow2012 Census of Agriculture Baltimore County Profile - U.S. Department of Agriculture [PDF]


Arrow2010 Maryland Equine Census [PDF]


ArrowMaryland's Rural Legacy Areas


ArrowAgriculture Census 2007 - Maryland Department of Planning





ArrowCustomer-Focused Service Centers - From international financial services to help desks
 Your wireless software isn't connecting. The phone rings at TESSCO Technology in Hunt Valley. You lose your credit card in Paris. The phone rings at Visa International in Owings Mills. College tuition time. The phone rings at MBNA America in Hunt Valley. You're installing a DSL line in a 1980's computer. Comcast in White Marsh takes the call.
 With customer satisfaction central to every company's success, Baltimore County's service centers play an increasingly critical role in business development. Baltimore County leads the State with more than 25 call centers and back-office operations, many serving international and national service areas. Service centers in Baltimore County employ nearly 8,000 people.
 Companies from T. Rowe Price to ADP to IKEA cite the availability of qualified workers as key to their growth. Almost 70% of customer service centers need workers with skills well beyond basic. Some of the staff at Visa International, for example, must speak at least one language other than English. Technicians at Comcast and TESSCO Technologies must trouble-shoot computer and software problems. Financial service experts at Global Payments, Metris, MBNA and T. Rowe Price help manage complex portfolios and credit transactions. With more than 25 colleges and universities in the Baltimore region, companies with targeted needs are well-served by a diverse talent pool.
 Baltimore County's infrastructure provides system reliability, data, voice and image integrity, high performance transport and flexibility in accessing new services. Business parks established since 1988 are "smart parks" wired with fiber. More than 150 telecommunications companies, including all major long distance, internet and cable carriers, have points of presence in Maryland. And with no additional taxes on inbound or outbound telephone calls, Baltimore County is cost effective for high volume operations.
 Access and transportation are critical to recruiting employees. Hunt Valley benefits from the Baltimore light rail line, while the Metro subway stops at Owings Mills. Many companies have worked with MTA to provide feeder buses directly to their facilities.


ArrowCompanies and their services in Baltimore County




Bally's Health & Tennis Corp.


Baltimore Life/Life of MD


CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield of MD

Health Care


Broadband cable

Global Payments

Payment processing

IKEA Customer Care Center

Home furnishings

Legg Mason


MBNA America


MCI Telecommunications


Metris Companies


PHH Arval

Fleet Vehicle

T. Rowe Price


TESSCO Technologies

Wireless communications

Toyota Financial Services

Automotive financing

Visa International




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Revised: January 11, 2017