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Photo of Richard Caton

Castle Thunder


Richard Caton 1830's-40's


Castle Thunder SignCastle Thunder, located on the corner of Beaumont Avenue and Frederick Road, was the home of the Caton family, founders of Catonsville. The mansion was originally the home of Polly Carroll, daughter of Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Polly Carroll married Richard Caton, an English businessman.

Failing in his first attempt to make money, Caton was bailed out by his wealthy father-in-law. He went into real estate and eventually purchased the property that would become the village of Catonsville.

Castle Thunder was torn down a century ago. In 1959 Boy Scout Troop #307 of the Catonsville Methodist Church erected a commemorative plaque on the site of the former landmark.


Recent research submitted to the Historical Society of Baltimore County indicates that the information about the site of Castle Thunder at Beaumont Avenue and Frederick Road may be incorrect. Source: McGrain, John. "Castle Thunder, The Catons, and Catonsville's Historical Myths." History Trails of Baltimore County 42.4 Spring 2011.

The Catonsville Library has a special collection located in the Catonsville Room which contains more information about the history of the town of Catonsville as well as the Catonsville Branch.




Last revised: April 23, 2014