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Chapter 4-E: Military Service


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Required Registration:


Who must Register? Almost all male United States citizens and all immigrant males (documented or undocumented) living in the United States, age 18 through 25 inclusive, are required to register with the Selective Service. Even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. No draft for the military is currently taking place.


Men may register online, check their registration, or change their address online by visiting the Selective Service website. Selective Service "mail-back" registration forms are available at any United States Post Office. Additional information about Registration


Questions concerning conscientious objector status, check the Fast Facts section of the Selective Service System's website.


Selective Service System
For Information Regarding Registrations:
Data Management Center
P.O. Box 94638
Palatine, Illinois  60094-4638.
847-688-6888 or toll-free: 1-888-655-1825; TTY: 847-688-2567
E-mail: (opens in new window)



Considering Military Service:


American Friends Service Committee
National Youth and Militarism Program
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19102
215-241-7176; Email: (opens in new window)
Provides information to help youth make up their mind about military service or being a conscientious objector. Provides opt-out information for parents to reduce the chance of your child's contact information falling into the hands of recruiters.


American Friends Service Committee
3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 212
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Email: (opens in new window)


Maryland Military Department
The Military Department is responsible for the Maryland Air National Guard, the Maryland Army National Guard, the Maryland Defense Force, and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency. The Maryland National Guard has both a state and Federal mission. The Governor may call up the Maryland National Guard which includes the Maryland Army National Guard and the Maryland Air National Guard, for state service in emergencies. The Guard provides units trained and equipped to protect life and property, as well as providing to the nation units trained, equipped and ready to defend the United States and its interests. Recruiting information available online.


Information on enlisting in the United States Armed Forces (opens in new window)  For recruiting websites, click on the service branch of interest.


Information on the United States military colleges and academies and ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)



Veterans and Their Families:


Veterans Services
Created by the Baltimore County Veterans Support Work Group and the Baltimore County Public Library
Baltimore County services and sources of assistance as well as Maryland and federal resources for veterans and their families. Areas covered include veteran benefits, assistance to family members, caregiver information, employment, housing, mental health, family support, small business resources, tax information, health care and more. Particularly helpful for families of those recently deployed. An extensive list of organizations both public and private that provide services to former members of the military and their families is also included.


Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Services and Benefits
Baltimore Service Center
Federal Building, Room 3020
31 Hopkins Plaza
Baltimore Maryland 21201
410-230-4444 or 1-800-446-4926
Assists veterans, and their families in obtaining all possible benefits that they may be eligible for from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, provides claims assistance, and makes referrals to other federal, Maryland State and local government agencies for benefits which may be available to eligible individuals.


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