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Application for Volunteer Service

To apply for a volunteer position with the Baltimore County Public Library, please complete this form.
When you are finished, click the "Submit Application" button. If volunteer opportunities are available, a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.


If you have additional questions, or if you have trouble with this form, please consult the map of Baltimore County Public Library branches and telephone the branch where you would like to volunteer.


May we contact you at work?
Have you been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation?

(Conviction of a crime is not necessarily a bar to volunteering; all circumstances will be considered.)

Have you ever worked for BCPL previously?
Branches at which you could volunteer

(Your application will be submitted to the volunteer coordinators at the locations you select.)


(Please provide name, address and telephone.)

(Please provide name, address and telephone.)


Minimum Age: The minimum age for volunteers is 14 years old or in the 8th grade. The following exceptions may be made: people under age 14 who volunteer as part of a group, such as scout troops, or as part of the Summer Reading Club (DO NOT use this Volunteer Application form to volunteer for the Summer Reading Club. Information about Summer Reading Club volunteers.) All volunteers under age 18 must turn in a completed Parental Permission form and Consent to Medical Treatment form before they may begin volunteering.


Acceptance of any volunteer is based on the library’s need at the time and the volunteer's demonstrated ability to do the work required. The library does not guarantee there will be work at all times and is under no obligation to accept any volunteer. In addition, if the library no longer needs the services of the volunteer or the volunteer is not performing at an acceptable level, the library may terminate the volunteer. The volunteer also has the right to terminate his/her service to BCPL at any time.


Applicants for volunteer positions who are selected to be interviewed must demonstrate in the interview and/or through testing that they have the ability to perform the work that would be required of them as a volunteer.


The conduct of anyone who becomes a volunteer for BCPL must comply with guidelines provided in the BCPL Volunteer Handbook. Failure to do so may result in termination.


By submitting this form, I certify that any and all statements made on this application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Baltimore County Public Library to contact the listed references and I give those references consent to respond to questions pertaining to information contained in this application.


Last revised: June 23, 2012