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Baltimore County designated two areas as growth areas to be supported with governmental services. These areas are called town centers. The White Marsh Branch opened on January 25, 1988 in one of these town centers. The building was built and leased from Nottingham Properties, Inc. who built the neighboring White Marsh Mall and developed the community of White Marsh.

The size of the branch is 15,000 square feet and includes a meeting room with a capacity of 65 people. Located in the White Marsh Town Center, the White Marsh Branch facility is convenient to local residents and many shoppers to the area.

The branch received a $10,000.00 grant from the Rouse Company, which owns and built the White Marsh Mall. This money has been used to purchase an interactive multimedia CD-ROM computer for the use of preschool children. It has been adapted to meet the needs of the visually impaired child and children with poor motor skills. The computer is equipped with keyboard overlays, a large track ball, and a 20-inch monitor.

Source: White Marsh Branch Staff


Red Queen Statue

  • White Marsh Branch's Red Queen StatueSculpture: "Alice and The Red Queen." Nottingham Properties bought the first copy from a series of five and placed it at the branch

  • Artist: William F. Duffy

  • Medium: Bronze, with red patina

  • Date: 1982

  • Location: Outside of the branch, corner of Sandpiper Circle and Honeygo Boulevard.

  • Dimensions: 36 inches high x 38 inches long x 16 inches wide

  • Installed: September, 1987

  • Color Photograph: Plaster original with red paint

  • In the Artist's Words:


I chose Alice and The Red Queen as subject matter for a sculpture for its obvious literary significance. It communicates to children and adults alike a universal message.

Specifically, Alice and The Red Queen designed in its present configuration is based on Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass fantasy. I drew my inspiration from the classic illustration of the same by John Tenniel.


Most importantly however, I would like to emphasize its meaning: the Red Queen represents a guiding force assisting Alice in her own aspiration to become a Queen in her own imagination. Metaphorically, Alice and The Red Queen epitomizes the relationship between student and teacher.



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