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In 1983, the Hereford High School's Parent Teacher Association initiated the idea for a "North County" library. Local residents William Hughes and Rose Dykes took on the project to ensure that the county budget included money for a library.  In 1986, 200 people attended a meeting with the Board of Library Trustees and Hughes presented the Trustees with a petition signed by 2,800 people asking for a local library. Baltimore County Public Library listened to the residents of the Hereford Zone's expression of their strong desire to have their own library.


"In January 1987, the Board of Library Trustees included $250,000 in its budget for a future library. The main question was whether to rent space so a library could open fairly soon, or wait until money was available to build a permanent facility. Three months later, 500 people showed up at Hereford High School's auditorium to hear [County Executive Dennis] Rasmussen announce that the need for a library was immediate. He approved funds to rent space, hire staff and equip a library. The county then signed a five-year lease on 5,000 square-feet in a building being constructed by Carl Yarema." Source: Pat van den Beemt. "Hereford Library to celebrate 25th anniversary."  The Jeffersonian 26 September 2013: page 6. Print.


About ten months later, the Friends of the Hereford Library, Inc. was formed. The long awaited branch opened on Monday, October 3, 1988 on the first floor of the Hereford Center building. County Executive Dennis Rasmussen and then County Councilman Dutch Ruppersberger along with William Hughes and Rose Dykes cut the ribbon.


The new branch opened with 11,000 items on its shelves and was primarily staffed with volunteers. Twenty years later, the collection has grown and the branch's full and part-time Baltimore County Public Library employees outnumber its volunteers. With its facility expanded to 7,500 square feet in 2002 and its hours of operation extended in 2006, the Hereford Branch serves the needs of the North County area as a growing full-service branch of Baltimore County Public Library.

Source: Hereford Branch staff



Revised: July 13, 2015