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BCPL Annual Reports, Strategic Plan and Other Publications

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Administrative Offices


Administrative Departments


Baltimore County Public Library Administrative Offices
320 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21204

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Fax: 410-887-6103
TTY through Maryland Relay

Board of Library Trustees
Baltimore County Public Library Administrative Offices
320 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21204



Has overall responsibility for the management of the library system, for strategic planning, serves as liaison to the County and State government and is accountable to the Board of Library Trustees. Oversees Fiscal Services, Human Resources, Planning, Projects and Data, and Technology Support.


Paula Miller

Assistant Directors
Each Assistant Director directly oversees a group of branches as well as a selection of Administrative Office departments.


James Cooke

Natalie Edington

Collection Development
Selects and orders materials for all branches, the mobile libraries and the County Detention Center. Materials selected include: children's, young adult and adult fiction and nonfiction print titles, large type, reference titles, Korean, Spanish and Russian language collections, music compact discs, books on CD, DVDs, magazines, downloadable audiobooks and ebooks, and more. Customer requests, demographic and consumer information, and the media are examples of major factors that influence the selection of titles. Oversees the shipping and receiving functions of materials ordered. Reconciles invoices and orders and directs materials to Technical Services for processing and cataloging.


Jamie Watson

Facilities Services / Facilities Management
Plans branch layouts, branch renovation and new construction, makes furniture, equipment and supplies purchases. Assists other departments in the library with the contract process. Keeps branch buildings and service vehicles in good condition and safe for customers and staff. Responsible for weekday delivery service to and from all library facilities. Bid Opportunities (Active and Closed)


410-887-6132 or 410-887-6100
Ed Cook

Fiscal Services
Prepares annual operating budget for Baltimore County Public Library. Processes the payroll for all Baltimore County Public Library employees. Maintains accounts payable and processes payments for all vendors. Accounts for all funds received into the Baltimore County Public Library system.


John Santora

Graphics Production
Comprised of an Art section and a Print section. Art provides design and layout services and produces signage for the system. The Print section provides printing and finishing services for dateLines, our Calendar of Events, booklists, flyers, newsletters and supply materials.


Jennifer Franz

Human Resources
Provides and supports activities that attract, retain and motivate staff. Supports staff development and consults with managers regarding staff relations concerns and development. Contributes to the mission of meeting the needs of library customers by working to address staff needs, from recruitment to retirement.


Fax: 410-887-3025
TTY through Maryland Relay
Cindy Pol

Information Services
Develops online information resources, such as the Baltimore County Public Library website. Supports branch reference services by creating information resources, coordinating reference training of librarians, and investigating trends in information services. Provides reference service (opens new window) to local government staff and online customers. Partners with government and community groups to develop local information resources.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL), which provides access to materials that can be borrowed from other libraries, in Maryland and nationwide, and lends Baltimore County Public Library materials to other libraries. Coordinates booking of meeting rooms in branches and Administrative Offices.


Information Services:
TTY through Maryland Relay


Interlibrary Loan: 410-887-6110

Meeting Room Bookings: 410-887-6109


Jim DeArmey

Marketing and Development
Ensures that services and products of the library meet the needs of Baltimore County communities and promotes these services and products as appropriate. Handles publicity and news directed to both customers and staff of the library through all media, including newsletters, newspapers, radio and television. Responsible for photography, print communications, and identifying and coordinating adult programming for branches. Seeks outside funding to augment library programs and services. Grant development and writing, sponsorships, individual, corporate and foundation giving are part of the department's fundraising activities for the library system. The department also acts as liaison to the Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library and Friends groups.


Fax: 410-887-3304
TTY through Maryland Relay
Linda Frederick

Media Support Services
Produces multimedia programs to serve the needs of Baltimore County Public Library's staff and customers. Provides and produces the library and nonprofit community with quality videos, DVDs and compact discs for training and informational needs of staff and customers.


Toll free: 800-441-8273
lvn@bcpl.net (Library Video Network)
Carl Birkmeyer

Planning, Projects and Data
Coordinates system-wide planning processes and the initiation, execution, and control of specific strategic projects and activities, including the library's strategic plan and the annual work plan process. In addition, staff acts as a resource for project teams. The department also coordinates all surveys done in Baltimore County Public Library, as well as the creation and analysis of reports so that everyone in the library has the data they need to make timely and effective decisions.


Emily Gamertsfelder

Technical Services
Catalogs, covers and labels all material for Baltimore County Public Library, both print and non-print. Enters and maintains the bibliographic records in the library catalog.


Jody Sharp

Youth Services
Provides guidance and support to branches and Administrative Office departments in delivering services to youth, including creating service guidelines, developing and delivering staff training, and overseeing programming for children. Administers Summer Reading Club. Collaborates at the system level with Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore County Local Management Board, and other child-serving agencies.


Fax: 410-866-7941
Marisa Conner


Board of Library Trustees


Board of Library Trustees

Baltimore County Public Library Administrative Offices
320 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21204
Fax: 410-887-6103


Current Board Members and Officers


  • Paul J. Schwab, President

  • John Holman, Vice President

  • Aaron Slater, Treasurer

  • Jane S. Eickhoff, Secretary

  • Henry "Chip" Hiebler, Jr.

  • Michael N. Netzer

  • Frank Regan


Meetings of the Baltimore County Public Library Board of Library Trustees


Unless another date, time or location is indicated on the agenda below, the Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8 a.m. in the Wilson Room of the Towson Library, 320 York Road, Towson, Maryland. The public is welcome to attend the meetings.


Agenda for the next meeting of the Board of Library Trustees


Agendas are posted as soon as they become available in PDF format.


Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes


We provide the approved Board minutes to help you better understand how the Board works for you. Visit our Board Meeting Minutes page for the current and previous year's Board minutes.


Are you interested in serving the Baltimore County community as a member of the Board of Library Trustees? Download our brochure [PDF] to find out more or download an application form. [PDF]


Baltimore County Public Library Vision Statement


Vision: Empowered and engaged individuals for a more inclusive and connected Baltimore County community.


Baltimore County Public Library Mission Statement


Mission: Providing opportunities to explore, learn, create, and connect.


Baltimore County Public Library Values



  • Our customers & communities

  • Equal access & intellectual freedom

  • Flexibility & collaboration

  • Continuous improvement


Baltimore County Public Library's Annual Report, Strategic Plan, and Other Publications


Annual Reports








Strategic Plan




Other Baltimore County Public Library Publications


  • Baltimore County Public Library's Blue Ribbon Committee. Give 'Em What They Want! Managing the Public's Library. Chicago, Illinois: American Library Association, 1992.
  • Eickhoff, Jane S. Balancing Tradition and Technology 2000 - 2003. Strategic Plan V. Chicago, Illinois: Baltimore County Public Library; distributed by the Public Library Association, 1999
  • Palmour, Vernon E., and Bellassai, Marcia C. To Satisfy Demand: a Study Plan for Public Library Service in Baltimore County. Arlington, Virginia: The Center for Naval Analyses, June 1977
  • Roger, Eleanor Jo. Commitment to Renewal: Baltimore County Public Library Long Range Plan III 1989-1993. Towson, Maryland. Baltimore County Public Library. December 1988
  • Rodger, Eleanor Jo. Growth Without Expansion: Baltimore County Public Library Long Range Plan II 1983-1988. Towson, Maryland. Baltimore County Public Library. November 1983
  • Roger, Eleanor Jo. Repositioning for the Future: Baltimore County Public Library Long Range Plan IV 1994-1999. Towson, Maryland Baltimore County Public Library. 1994
  • Strategic Plan VI: Building Community through a Lifetime of Learning, FY 2004-2006. Towson, Maryland: Baltimore County Public Library. August 2003. Strategic Plan VI (FY 2004 through 2006) [PDF]
  • Strategic Plan VII: Building Community through a Lifetime of Learning, FY 2007-2009. Towson, Maryland: Baltimore County Public Library. June 2006. Strategic Plan VII (FY 2007 through 2009) [PDF]
  • Strategic Plan VIII: Building Community through a Lifetime of Learning, FY 2010-2012. Towson, Maryland: Baltimore County Public Library. June 2009. Strategic Plan VIII (FY 2010 through 2012) [PDF]
  • Strategic Plan IX: Making a Difference, FY 2013-2015. Towson, Maryland: Baltimore County Public Library. June 2012. Strategic Plan IX (FY 2013 through 2015) [PDF]


Library History




Revised: November 4, 2016